Fisherman FD1

Fishing Drone for Every Fisherman

Fisherman FD1

Fishing Drone For Every Fisherman

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Fisherman FD1 is a purpose-built waterproof fishing drone for every fisherman. It inherits the same technology from SplashDrone 3+ but removed all the bells and whistles that don’t contribute to bait dropping, thus reducing the cost. A stronger propulsion system enables the FD1 to lift heavier baits, fly longer and more stably in a windy condition.

2 KG (4 lbs)

Bait Capacity

Up to 5

Drops per Charge


Seawater-proof Aircraft

Level 7

Wind Resistance

1.6 km / 3 miles

Casting Range

Up to 28 mins 

Flight Time

2KG (4 lbs)
Bait Capacity

High-capacity lipo flight battery, combined with high-torque motors powers FD1 to lift baits of up to 2kg. Catch more fish or bigger fish by attaching multiple baited hooks or a big live bait to the line.

Up to 5 Casts 
per Charge

Thanks to large bait capacity and up to 30 mins flight time, FD1 can make 5 drops of 800 g (1.7 lbs) baits over 600 m (650 yd) on a single battery charge. Increase your fishing success to the next level.

1.6 Km (1 mile) Casting Range

FD1 can operate at a range of up to 1.6 km (1 mile). Land-based anglers can easily cast a long line and drop baits in any hard-to-reach fishing spots, without using a boat or kayak.

All-weather, All-water Fishable

The aircraft of Fisherman FD1 is 100% IP67 sea-waterproof. It is able to land on the water, float and take off from the water again. You never have to fear losing your drone.


The waterproof motors and internal electronics of FD1 are coated with corrosion-resistant coating adding an extra layer of protection against the salt and moisture in sea air. 


When FD1 unexpectedly turns upside down on the water for any reasons, the Power-Flip feature turns the drone back to the normal state to take the control back. 

Level 7 Wind Resistance

The already strong propulsion system is fine tuned to maximize control responsiveness and allow the FD1 to fly in winds up to 20 m/s (38mph).

Unrivalled Safety & Ease

Rock-solid Stability

FD1 incorporates several sensors to increase stability during flight. The GPS can receive up to 11 satellites each and accurately holds the position of the aircraft. A barometer maintains the altitude while a gyroscope keeps the drone balanced in all circumstances. Any fisherman who has no previous piloting experiences can fly FD1 like a professional.

Rugged Body

The fuselage of FD1 is made out of marine-grade ABS to protect against impact and prevent distortion. The propellers are made out of carbon fiber for high stiffness. FD1 is far more durable than any other consumer-level drone in the industry.

Anti-Pendulum Feature

Special algorithms were put into the flight controller of FD1 to reduce pendulum effect caused by the swing of the bait, thus preventing the drone from crashing.

Auto-release & Return

FD1 can automatically release the bait and return to the shore when the battery level reaches a certain low threshold or the drone loses connection.

Bait Release Options

Waterproof remote-controlled bait release without camera for blind bait dropping.

Dual-use FPV
Screen Goggles

When the FD1 is fitted with PL2-F, an optional GL-1 FPV goggles allows you to see what the camera sees in real time. The GL-1 can be used as a display screen mounted on the remote controller, or on-face goggles.

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Fisherman FD1 is available in 2 versions: Basic and FPV. Go ahead to find out more about the differences between the 2 versions, their specifications and prices.

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