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We are the official maker of Splash Drone and Mariner Drone.

waterproof drone with camera flying on the water

Professional Filming

Capture epic aerial photos or videos with the ultimate state of the art waterproof drone with a 4K camera gimbal, regardless of flying over the water, in the rains, and in all weathers.

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waterproof fishing drone got a fish on the beach

Drone Fishing

Thanks to the new quick attach bait release mechanism, long line fishing is now easier, faster and 100% safe on the water, without the limits of terrains.

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waterproof follow me drone following a surfer

Action Filming

Are you looking for a small waterproof flying camera that automatically follows you, that captures your perfect selfie in 4K, at amazing speed, while you are surfing or kayaking on the water?

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Why Do We Make Drones Waterproof?

Since the earth is 70% water, now and then, people have to fly drones around water. However, oftentimes, drones like DJI Phantoms may run out of battery, lost signal or just go crazy, crash on the water, sink to the bottom and are gone for good.

Even if you retrieve the body, repair may cost you lots of bucks. Drone failures can be caused by pilots' mistakes, malfunctions and many other uncontrollable reasons, no matter how experienced the pilots are. It is no easy task to take off a drone from a boat and land it on the boat. Some guys might say:"hey, I often fly my bird offshore without any issue!" But they don't know that the moisture and salt in the air will eat the electronics little by little, shortening the lifespan of their beloved flying camera. In some areas where the weather is humid or changing rapidly most of the time, drones become completely useless as most of them are not even weatherproof.

To solve those pains, in 2013, Swellpro invented the Mariner Drone, the first amphibious drone that incorporated a fully waterproof quadcopter frame, waterproof motors, and a GoPro housing. It can be floating on the surface and even film underwater. In 2015, Swellpro released Splash drone on Kickstarter, the enhanced version of Mariner drone, which introduced the first waterproof GoPro gimbal for capturing smoother footages. Pilots can fly Splash drones wherever they want, to get their cameras close to the surf and capture the ideal shots out of sight, or drop fishing baits far away with total peace of mind.

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