SplashDrone 4

Drone for Search & Rescue


SplashDrone 4

Drone for Search and Rescue

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SplashDrone 4 has been leveraged as a search and resue drone by many emergency service providers all around the world for its unique capabilities.  Superior flight accuracy and reliability, operable in all weathers and all terrains, compatible with different payload options for SAR missions in various conditions. Whether it's for responding to a naturual disaster or locating missing people, SplashDrone 4 can help you save more lives in less time, with less risks.

Challenges of Search & Rescue

Time Criticality

It is very time-consuming for ground team to locate injured and distressed person and coordinate responses in a situation where every second counts.

Terrain Constraints

In most SAR missions, rescue team can face challenging terrains in the form of mountain or rainforest, which might slow the entire operation.

Advantages of Search And Rescue Drones

Fast Drone Search

SplashDrone 4 Enterprise can be deployed in just 60 seconds without on-site calibration. With the flight speed up to 22 m/s, the drone can quickly survey a large area within a few minutes, regardless of the ground condition.

Situational Awareness

With a 3-dimensional camera shooting up to 4K resolution video, SplashDrone 4 can quickly capture aerieal data of a large area. The drone footage allows responders to have a situational understanding of the search zone and pinpoint possible locations where the missing person might be trapped.

Drone Thermal Imaging

The GC3-T thermal camera can be mounted on SplashDrone 4 to detect heat emitted from a warm human body, an animal or a vehicle engine. Rescue team can use the drone thermal sensor to spot person in distress from a distance, assess their status and environment, even in complete darkness. The thermal camera also comes with a 1080P visual sensor that can give you a clear view of the person for further confirmation.

Nighttime Search & Rescue

The built-in dimmable flashlight on the camera of SplashDrone 4 can be used as a light source to locate missing persons at night.

Remote Communication

Carrying a megaphone, SplashDrone 4 Enterprise can repeatedly broadcast a pre-recorded message making the missing person aware that people are looking for them. Through the drone’s megaphone, Operators can communicate with stranded people, offer safety advice and let them know help is the on the way.

Precise GPS Coordinates

The GPS module inside the SplashDrone 4 boasts industrial-level accuracy. When the operator locate the missing person with the drone’s vision, they can check the drone’s GPS coordinates in the flight APP and communicate to the ground team getting to the exact spot.

Fast Drone Rescue

For surf rescue missions, the SplashDrone 4 Enterprise can carry and precisely drop an inflatable life preserver to people struggling in the water with a PL1-S payload release mechanism. When it comes to mountain rescue, operators can use the drone to deliver first aid kit to someone who is injured. Not only can SplashDrone 4 Enterprise search for missing persons, it can even help the victims stay alive before rescue team arrive.

All-weather, All-terrain

SplashDrone 4 is completely water-sealed and rugged design to fight against any element that the nature could throw on it.

IP67 Waterproof & Rainproof

Snow-proof & cold resistance 

Floating Design

Sand & dust proof

Level 7 Wind Resistance


Payload Options for Search and Rescue

Thermal Camera

Thermal sensor: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer 650 x 512 px @50FPS
Visual Sensor: 1/2" 2M 1080P Starlight CMOS Stabilization: 3-axis
Temperature range: -20°C ~ 150°C (± 3°C)
Adjustable LED Flashlight
Temperature OSD & Alarm
Color Palettes

PL1-S Payload Release

A remote-controlled release mechanism that can carry and drop 2 kg of life-saving equipment.

MP1 Megaphone

A drone megaphone that can broadcast message at maximum 120 decibel for up to 300 meters with high fidelity sound production.

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SplashDrone 4
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We've put together a SplashDrone 4 combo including all the essentials for search and rescue missions. 

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