SplashDrone 3+

Search & Rescue

Many boaters or sailors are fascinated with the possibility of using a drone to capture aerial photos and video of their boats and spectacular ocean scenery.

However, common drones don’t belong on a boat:

1.Sensitive electronics are easily damaged by moist air and spray

2.Even larger boats can lack the space to take-off and land on deck

3. Hand-catching drones on a rocking boat or in windy conditions is dangerous

4.Obstacle sensing systems don’t work well over water or near a boat’s rigging

5.Gusty winds can cause many drones problems

The SplashDrone 3+ solves these issues and is the perfect aerial companion for your boating adventures.
Why risk the safety of your crew and drone by hand-catching a drone when you can easily and safely land on the water?

The electronics and batteries are protected from moisture and the bright orange upper body makes the drone easy to see.
Should a wave flip your drone over on the surface of the water, SwellPro’s patented power-flip feature will right the drone, ready for take-off.

Your aerial crew member is not just about having fun and taking beautiful footage.
Use your SplashDrone 3+ to scout out new anchorages, search for a lost dinghy or even drop a rope (or a beer) to your friend’s boat or to shore.

Main Benefits of SplashDrone 3+ to Boaters:

Take off and land SplashDrone 3+ on the water or from the deck. There is no need to catch it by hand. Relax, the ocean is the home of the SplashDrone 3+

Relax, if you make a mistake and run out of batteries over water, the SplashDrone 3+ will land itself and wait for you – sending its GPS location back to you via its Location Beacon feature option.

You can use the autopilot follow-me feature to track your boat automatically - particularly useful for single-handed boats.

The high propulsion system enables SplashDrone 3+ to remain stable against gusts of wind and keep up with your boat at speeds of 30 knots.

Survey unknown anchorages or beaches, before risking your boat.

Land on the water with the 4K gimballed camera and you can see underwater without putting your mask and snorkel on!

Switch the camera for a payload release module and the SplashDrone 3+ can be used to fly your fishing baits to locations others can’t.

Safely and quickly deliver life-saving equipment in rescue situations or perhaps just a cold beer in a less critical situation.

You can fly a pre-programmed route with an app on your phone, view the drone’s current location on a map, or even instruct the SplashDrone 3+ to return to your current position, not the home position.

Imagine taking off safely from the water, filming epic 4k footage of your boating adventures or even casting bait and landing safely again either back on the water or onto the deck of your boat. Not only is that possible today, it is also easy and fun!

The SplashDrone 3+ is the new handy and fun crew member you’ve been looking for.

Waterproof 4K Gimbal Camera

Swellpro’s unparalleled, fully waterproof 4K gimbal cameras captures smooth videos and sharp photos both while flying as well as underwater when floating. High-power brushless gimbal motors ensure shake-free footage always, even during high speed water landings. A special hydrophobic coating ensures a clear, dry lens as soon as you take SplashDrone 3+ back to the air or when flying in rain.

3-axis Gimbal Camera (GC-3)

SONY 1/2.3'' CMOS sensor

8G All-glass non-fisheye lens array

4K 30FPS video (3840×2160)

1080p/120fps for slow-motion

16MP still photos

90° field of view (FOV) @ f2.5

Camera settings changeable with built-in buttons

Compressive vibration damper

High-sensitivity Yaw, Pitch and Roll gimbal

Remotely adjustable Yaw (60°) and Tilt (90°)

Restore the True Color of Ocean Scenery

High contrast objects such as white boats on the water typically have burned-out highlights when shot with a drone’s camera. Thanks to the high dynamic range of the 3-axis gimbal camera, even strong colors and contrast are captured faithfully. Without manually setting the exposure, you get more detail and better tonal balance - even with high-contrast scenes.

Get Your Dream Shots with More Confidence

Since the SplashDrone 3+ is fully waterproof and able to float, you’ll never have to worry about losing your drone or your awesome footage in the water.

When filming surfers or boats on choppy water, get closer to the subject and capture that prized shot just above the water. The SplashDrone 3+ is corrosion-protected throughout, so waves or salt spray are all part of a day’s work and do not affect the drone’s performance.

Cinematic Footage needs Subtle Control

In addition to gimbal stabilization, we’ve added some unique controls to make your footage even smoother and more accurate.

Cruise like a Bird

Switch to Cruise mode and fly with a single joystick - carving sweeping banked turns with ease.  Keep a moving subject in the frame while you concentrate on camera angles and composition.

Smooth as a pro

Dramatic and abrupt movements of a drone can lead to shaky footage. Engage our new Smooth+ controls to switch from joystick to fine knob control of drone movement. Your footage will be instantly smoother as you dial in just the right amount of turn or bank.  Easily setup a smooth transition or dial in an orbit pan. Even if you are new to drone controls, you can fly as smoothly as a pro.

A Serious Drone - Built to Fish

A payload release module turns the SplashDrone 3+ into a killer fishing drone that can dramatically extending your casting range and drop multiple baits at once. The enhanced propulsion system provides the drone with more power and stability to handle all-weather flying. External and internal waterproofing protection gives you more confidence when hunting in marine environments.

Don’t risk taking a normal drone to the beach, you need a tough, waterproof drone made for the job.

Precision Fishing Line Release

You don't need to kayak out through breaking waves to drop baits. SplashDrone 3+ is engineered to deliver your long line up to 1 kilometer away and drops your baits or lures exactly where you need them.

Unlike some DIY drone fishing rigs or third-party bait droppers, the waterproof release modules on the SplashDrone 3+ precisely deploy your line with a simple flick of a switch on the remote controller.

The SplashDrone 3+ is purpose-built to drop baits over water, without compromising flight performance or imaging quality. Other drones just aren’t built to operate on or over water. Sea spray and moisture corrodes their circuits and ruin their cameras, but the SplashDrone 3+ is built tough, with enhanced protection and waterproofing.

Bait Dropper Options

All SwellPro Payload Release modules are fast to attach, waterproof and are precision made from CNC aluminum and stainless steel.


PL3 is our most advanced payload release module. The integrated, waterproof, tilt-gimballed 2.7K camera provides live as well as recorded video footage and allows the camera angle to be adjusted during flight. With the PL3, you can accurately locate your target drop zone and record the whole casting process in high definition.


PL2 is a remote payload release with an integrated, fixed-angle HD FPV camera. Set the angle of the camera before flight to suit your needs. This camera is only for live vision and cannot record video.

One Drop for Multiple Baits

With its superior 1kg payload capacity, SplashDrone 3+ allows you the flexibility to carry more than 10 baited hooks or lures on each cast or long-cast a heavy live bait when hunting sharks or monster tuna. 
The high propulsion system and efficient design will maintain stability when the drone is burdened with baits and long line. The new high-voltage battery extends flight time,  allowing 3-6 bait casts from a single battery charge (distance dependent).

1kg payload capacity

1km casting range

16m/s (60km/h) flying speed

24 mins flying time

See Where the Fish Are, Right from the Shore

The onboard high-quality camera helps you easily find fish and decide where the bait needs to be. The waterproof cameras of the Payload Release Modules have a wide field of view and low-light sensitivity. The bright LCD screen built-in to the remote controller provides a live video feed from the camera of the SplashDrone 3+. Fly above the strike zone to view the movement of schools of fish or land on the water to take a closer look underwater at fish and terrain.

Water, Wind … Whatever

Every part of SplashDrone 3+ is 100% waterproof and seawater ready. Not only is the airframe water-sealed and pressure tested, the internal electronics are also coated for further corrosion-resistance. The robust 450mm ABS shell and full carbon fiber propellers provide the durability to fly in these harsh environments. The new propulsion combo and flight controller provide tremendous horsepower and control even in winds up to 18 mph (30km/h) (Beaufort Force 4) with gusts to Force 6.

Relax, your SplashDrone 3+ was built for this.

Drone Fishing Made Easy

Quick Set Up

The release mechanism, propellers and landing gears all connect to the drone quickly and easily to minimize setup. Attaching your fishing line just takes a second.

Auto Hover

Dual GPS and other sensors enable SplashDrone 3+ to automatically hover at its current position and altitude.

Drop & Return - Automatically

Once you’ve dropped your baits, just flick the Return-Home switch and the SplashDrone 3+ will automatically return and land gently at the take-off point - while you concentrate on fishing.

Increasingly, drones are being considered for search & rescue (SAR) missions due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency over the traditional methods. However, many drones are very fragile and are not well suited to the rigors of harsh environments .

SplashDrone 3+ is the world’s first and most robust waterproof flying platform built to perform search missions in rain, snow, flooded area and over the ocean. A quick-release payload mechanism can carry up to 1kg of payload to drop life-saving equipment to people in need.

SplashDrone 3+ can not only assist first responders with better situational awareness and payload delivery from the air but can also be used by amateurs to deliver rapid assistance without risking themselves.


Quickly survey disaster zones from above, help rescuers assess the situation and plan missions.

Search for missing or injured people in a disaster area.

Deliver life-saving equipment to victims at a distance.


Easily access hard-to-reach areas.

Execute missions in all weather.

Protect rescue team members from potential risks.

More time-saving than on-foot searches, speeds up the efforts to locate victims.

Dramatically reduce the cost of missions compared to manned aircraft search.

Drop life-saving equipment to help victims out of immediate danger and buy more time for rescue teams to arrive.

Main Features:

1. Able to land and take-off from salt and fresh water as well as flying in rain, sleet and snow.

2. Stable flight in gusts of wind.

3. High propulsion system and solid design with apayload capacity up to 1 kilogram.

4. Remote and precise payload release by remote controller.

5. Record high resolution video through the 4K camera built-in the payload release mechanism.

6. View real-time video feed on the remote controller or on goggles.

7. Controllable by mobile APP to conduct autopilot missions such as follow-me and waypoints navigation.

8. Able to automatically return to the starting point and automatically land after mission completed.

9. Specially treated componentry protects the drone's circuits from moist environments.

Real Life Case Studies:

SplashDrone 3 deliver life jackets to struggling swimmers, (video)

Red Cross Sri Lanka deployed SplashDrone 3 to map out the flooded area and spot stranded persons (video)

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