Mariner Drone

Mariner drone is the previous version of Splash drone , which is the earliest waterproof drone made by Swellpro In 2014. It was created to solve the pain that drone frequently get damaged by wet when flying close to the water. We have stopped the production and sales of Mariner drone since early 2015 when Splash drone was released on Kickstarter. The followings are some major differences between the two waterproof quadcopters.

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Waterproof Quadcopter Frame

We changed the color of the frame from white to orange in order to increase visual identification in the ocean. The waterproof treatments remain almost the same except the new cambered lid. The new lid offered better GPS satellite collection, interference avoidance, and breathability. Thoes benefits greatly elevated the flight stability of Splash drone.

Flight Controller

Mariner drone used the Naza-M Lite flight controller. It had all the basic features but was not fully customizable. Later, Swellpro developed its own FC named Auto Plus for Splash drone. The new FC is more adaptable to watery conditions, gives better positioning control and possibilities for more smart flight features.


The old way for the camera on Mariner drone was a fixed clip with a waterproof Gopro case. To achieve more stabilized image, Splash drone is added with a waterproof 2-axis brushless motor gimbal. The new gimbal has a control range of 90° pitch and roll 45°. There is an FPV cable inside the gimbal which connects the camera to the video transmitter. You can do FPV flight through a monitor and take photo or video right on the controller.

Groud Station

Splash drone has a built-in ground station which enables some smart flights like follow me and mission planning. You can use a mobile APP to control the drone. Mariner drone only has some basic flight models.