The all-in-one waterproof action drone is now getting even better.
Completely waterproof, even the remote controller
The aircraft and remote controller of Spry+ are totally waterproof and corrosion- resistant. Landing and taking off from the water with 100% peace of mind as the Spry+ can safely float. The waterproof remote controller allows you to maneuver the aircraft while you are in the surf.
The mighty hybrid
Part aerial filming, part FPV racing
Real 4K Camera
Being small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on image quality. Spry+’s onboard camera features a Sony 1/2.3’’ CMOS sensor the can capture any action in sharp 4K/30FPS or 2.7K/60FPS video and crisp 12MP photos. The lens is specially-made to minimize the fisheye distortion for natural-looking images.
4K 30FPS
Video shooting
12 MP
4K 30FPS
Video shooting
Signal connection
Shot on Spry+
Unreal Image Stabilization
Spry+ used advanced EIS (electronic image stabilization) software to ensure smooth, shake-free footage.
Watch Video
Foil surfing footage with EIS shot on Spry+ in Indonesia
Dome for better image quality
Spry+’s camera is enclosed in a toughened glass dome to resist water. The glass of the dome is optically engineered and coated to increase transparency and minimize distortion. A specially-made shade can filter out excessive glare often found on the water and snow. Another layer of hydrophobic coating ensures no sticky water drops on the dome right after the drone hit a wave.
Maximized light transmission
Water-repellent coating
Zero-latency video feedback
Built-in color display
You don’t need to use your phone. Get real-time high-definition video feed from the Spry+’s camera together with its current flight status on a waterproof built-in LED screen.
Racing-level speed
The compact waterproof body is streamlined for reduced air drag and turbulence. A fpv-racing-level propulsion system pushes the top speed to 65 KM/H in manual mode. The Spry+ can accelerate from 0 to 65 KM/H in just 5 seconds. Chasing high-speed sailboats or kite surfers is now an easy piece.
Immersive FPV fly
Put the new GL1 FPV Goggles on and feel the thrill of flying the Spry+ in a fantastic cockpit view. The detachable omnidirectional antennas ensure stable and clear image quality in all directions and at all times.
GL1 FPV Goggle(optional)
4 flight modes for pilots of all levels
GPS mode
Rock steady automatic hovering at fixed GPS location and altitude.
ATTL mode
Only maintain its current altitude for more piloting freedom.
Manual mode 
Completely free-style without any position holding.
Acro mode
the next-level manual mode that unleashes the full power of Spry+ for well skilled pilots.
Reminder: In Acro mode, Spry+ can be super fast and even do some extreme acrobatics like flip in the air. ACRO mode is not available by default. It can only be unlocked with proper firmware configuration and used with special designed ACRO remote controller.
Autonomous flight
Return to me
Want to retrieve the drone on a moving boat?With built-in GPS in the remote controller,the Spry+ can automatically return to the position of the remote controller rather than its original take-off point.
Follow me
The Spry+ relentless senses the position of the remote controller and can automatically follows you at a set distance and height.Always keep you in the frame - no matter where your next move is - from an angle.
Orbit around me
In circle mode, Spry+ can orbit around a central point at a set radius and keep the subject centered in the camera frame.
Sky trolling fishing
In addition to capturing stunning aerial footage, Spry+ can also be a fishing drone.Added with the TrollSafe, the Spry+ can automatically release fishing line and baits when the tension on the line exceeds a certain threshold. Quick and easy to set up in just a few minutes. Lure and troll fishing, hover fishing and long range casting, everything you want.
P.S. It is super compact and portable
All-in-one Waterproof Action Drone


Waterproof Level:
IP67 (Protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes)
Diameter (motor to motor):
436g (without battery)
Size (Length x width x height):
233.5 x 249 x 90mm
Propulsion Motors:
Brushless 2206 1400KV
Motor Control ESC:
Battery Weight:
Aircraft Battery:
3S 3600mAh LiHV battery
Charging Time:
90 Minutes (20%-100%)
Video Transmitter:
5.8G 8CH
Max Flying Range:
800 meter
Flight Time:
15~17 mins
Video Transmission Range:
Max Flying Altitude:
200 meter
Max Flying Speed:
18m/s 65 km/h
Max Following Speed:
10m/s 36 km/h
Max Climbing Speed:
4m/s 240m/min
Hovering Precision:
Spatial Positioning System:
Dual Satellites - GPS/GLONASS
Max Wind Speed Resistance:
>10m/s (F5)
Proprietary Flight Controller:
Working temperature:
-10C°~ 40C°
OSD integrated (On Screen Display):
Mobile APP control capability:
Flight modes:
Auto-take off, auto-hover, follow me, return home, return to remote controller location, orbit fly, tap fly, autonomous navigation
Remote Control
480g (Battery included)
Waterproof Level:
IP66 (Dust tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water)
Controlling Range:
Receiving sensitivity (1%PER):
Frequency Band:
Working Current:
120 mA
No. of Channels:
Charging Time:
140 Minutes
Battery Capacity:
2S 2500mAh LiPo
FPV Monitor
Screen Size:
4.3 inch
800 x 480 Pixels
Frequency Band:
5645 ~ 5965HMZ
600 cd/m²
Image Sensor:
SONY 1/2.3”CMOS, 12M
F4.53mm f/2.65
ISO Range:
Video Resolution:
4K 30FPS (3840*2160) | 2.5K 60FPS (2560*1440) | 1080P 30/60/120FPS (1920*1080) | 720P 240FPS (1280*720)
Photo Resolution:
12MP (16:9)
Video Format:
Photo Format:
Max Video Bitrate:
Class 10 or UHS-1 and above specifications Micro SD card with max 64GB


Q:How much of the Spry+ maximum carrying weight?

Spry+ drone max carrying weight is 100g.

Q:What is the tilt angle range (up & down) of the Spry+ camera?

Spry+ camera can tilt up by 45 degrees and down by 45 degrees.

Q:Does the Spry+ has a compatible FPV Goggles?

Yes, the GL1 FPV goggles is compatible with Spry+.