Swellpro makes the Ultimate Waterproof Drones

Stabilized Filming

Capture high-quality aerial photos and videos using the state-of-the-art waterproof 4K camera drone with gimbal, over water, underwater, or in heavy rains.

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Drone Fishing

Drop fishing baits beyond the surf line with the most advanced waterproof fishing drone and a dedicated release mechanism.

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Action Filming

Looking for a small waterproof drone that follows you automatically? Record stunning 4K video, at great speed, while you are surfing, skiing, kayaking or boating on the water?

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Why Do You Need A Waterproof Drone?

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Since 70% of the Earth is covered by water, there is a great temptation to fly drones over and around water. However, often standard drones like DJI Phantoms may run out of battery, lose signal or just go crazy and crash into the water and sink. Even if you retrieve the drowned airframe, repairs are expensive and difficult. Drone failures can be caused by pilot error, malfunctions and many other uncontrollable reasons, regardless of how experienced the pilot is.

It is no easy task to take off and land a drone from a boat. Even without crashing, moisture and salt in the air will damage the electronics in standard drones, shortening their lifespan. Even in areas of high-humidity, drones can become completely useless as their electronics are not protected from the elements.

To solve these issues, in 2013 Swellpro invented the Mariner Drone, the world's first waterproof quadcopter that incorporated a fully waterproof frame, waterproof motors, and a GoPro housing. It could float on the surface and even film underwater. In 2015, building on the experiences of the Mariner, Swellpro released the SplashDrone ( also known as Mariner II) with the world's first waterproof Gopro gimbal.

With the latest weatherproof SplashDrone 3, pilots can fly wherever they want, getting their 4K cameras close to the surf and the action or dropping fishing baits in the perfect location – all with total peace of mind.