Immersive Experience

The S2 Virtual Reality goggles are specially designed for FPV display,which isolates you from the world outside.

S2 FPV VR Goggles

Stunning Big-screen

4.3 inch screen displays stunning footage similar to a 100-inch TV,from 3 meters away.

Highlight&High Definition

The resolution of the S2 is 480x272 in highlights,representing every true detail of the racing process.

Multiple Channels

The receiver of the S2 has 40 channels available to select from,this is of great benefit in a busy environment where many other radio signals could overcrowd the radio transmission.It is very convenient to automatically search channels just with a press of button.

40 channels

One Key To search

Ergonomical Design

The S2 adapts to most human's head shapes, based on lots of model experiments and research, to ensure evenly distributed pressure on the user's head without fatigue when used for long periods of time.The whole set weighs 245g,and can be worn with out any sense of burden.

Data Analysis


Normal Perspective

An aspherical lens with high light transmittance reduces distortion.

The normal perspective provides the best view for the human eye,greatly reducing dizziness.

Zero Delay

During FPV racing,smooth footage is transmitted without any delay or interruption.

S2 is compatible with all Swellpro drones.

Splash Drone Auto

Splash Drone Auto

Splash Drone Fisherman

Splash Drone Fisherman

Swift 2 Racing Drone

Swift 2 Racing Drone

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