Drone fishing - the evolution of fishing
Drone fishing - the evolution of fishing
2022.06.09 Programs
News from this newspaper (Reporter Zuo Handi) On May 23, the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference to introduce that the recent nationwide epidemic has shown a steady decline as a whole. In the past week, the number of new local infections in the country has dropped to less than 1,200 every day, and the scope of infection has further narrowed. The epidemic situation in Shanghai continues to improve as a whole, but the pressure to prevent rebound is still high; the clustered epidemic in Beijing and sporadic cases are intertwined, and there are still risks of infection and transmission in local areas and key groups.

"In the prevention and control of the epidemic, it is the lowest cost to be based on 'prevention'." Guo Yanhong, Inspector of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration Bureau of the National Health and Health Commission, said that carrying out normalized nucleic acid testing in areas with a high risk of epidemic importation is conducive to improving The sensitivity of epidemic monitoring and early warning can detect potential risks earlier. At present, many cities and regions in China have successively explored and implemented related work and achieved good results. Relevant departments of the State Council are also stepping up research to further guide localities to reduce the cost and price of nucleic acid testing.

The current overseas epidemic situation is at a high level. In terms of foreign import prevention, Li Zhengliang, deputy director of the Department of Health and Quarantine of the General Administration of Customs, introduced that the main measures are to strictly control entry health and quarantine, strengthen the monitoring and detection of new coronavirus variants, and continue to do a good job in "multiple" Disease prevention and control”, and strict measures to protect front-line staff at the port. In addition, in order to effectively prevent the import risk of imported cold chain food, customs across the country have strengthened source control, closely tracked the epidemic prevention and control situation of overseas cold chain food production enterprises, intensified sampling inspections, strictly supervised the preventive disinfection work at ports, and monitored all the customs system. Imported cold chain food safety supervisors implement closed management. As of last week, 4.87 million samples had been sampled and tested by customs across the country, 1,384 of which were positive for nucleic acid, and 868 emergency preventive measures had been implemented on 567 overseas food business units. At ports nationwide, 117.45 million pieces of imported cold chain food packaging have been preventively sterilized.

"All civil aviation units further scientifically and rationally delineate the scope of closed-loop management, so as to achieve the 'six complete separation' of international and domestic aircraft, crew, passengers, support personnel, facilities and equipment, and passage places, with no overlapping areas and no crossing of moving lines." Civil Aviation Administration of China Kong Fanwei, deputy director of the Flight Standards Department, said that the Civil Aviation Administration continued to optimize the emergency management chain, refine emergency response measures in different scenarios, guide airports to establish a sound nucleic acid detection mechanism, and strictly implement circuit breakers. Since 2022, a total of 312 circuit breakers have been implemented. , reducing the number of inbound passenger flights by 768, effectively reducing the risk of imported cases from abroad.