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Welcome to the world of Non-DJI
SwellPro shines above others for its world’s only waterproof rugged drones loaded with many unique features for a wide range of purposes. As opposed to other companies who love imitating DJI, SwellPro focuses on creating ever-growing blue ocean markets. Due to the rapid increase in demand for our products worldwide, we are looking for new distributors and dealers to deliver more value to our end users in their territories.
Why partner with SwellPro?
1. Unsaturated market with big potential growth.
2. Top of mind brand awareness and reputation in several niche markets.
3. Innovative and reliable products with continued improvements.
4. High profit margin for distributors and dealers.
5. Low initial startup cost and low initial inventory requirement. 6. No head-to-head competition with DJI.
Business support from Swellpro
1. Comprehensive product information training with easy access to necessary marketing materials, documents and tools.
2. Exceptional after-sales technical support and training.
3. Steady product supply and streamlined overseas logistics management for on-time delivery.
4. Aggressive marketing for massive brand awareness and localized marketing support to help dealers push their sales.
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If you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor, please fill out the form below and tell us more about you. Our people will get in touch with you to discuss further details.