Swellpro make the First and the Ultimate Waterproof Drone

We are the original and official manufacturer of the Mariner drone and the Splash drone.

Professional Filming

Capture epic aerial photos or videos with the ultimate state of the art waterproof drone with a 4K camera gimbal, regardless of flying over the water, in the rains, and in all weathers.

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Drone Fishing

Thanks to the new quick attach bait release mechanism, long line fishing is now easier, faster and 100% safe on the water, without the limits of terrains.

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Action Filming

Are you looking for a small waterproof flying camera that automatically follows you, that captures your perfect selfie in 4K, at amazing speed, while you are surfing or kayaking on the water?

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We've helped 6,000 pilots prevent their drones from water damage

As the fast-paced drone world develops, there has been a common disaster that drones get unrecoverable damage by crashing into the water or flying in wet places. Too many videos can be found on Youtube about pilots losing their DJI Phantoms in the water...

To solve that pain and loss, and enhance the efficient, pratical uses of drones, in 2013, Swellpro took the lead to introduce the Mariner drone, with a fully waterproof quadcopter frame and waterproof motors, that can land on, and float on the water.

In 2015, taking further research and development, with the help of over 300 Kickstarter backers, Swellpro released Splash drone, also called Mariner II by the folks. It allowed the introduction the first waterproof GoPro gimbal for aerial filming of various water based activities and marine creatures.

Later in 2015, some of our customers suggested the idea of using Splash drone for fishing, we listened and then the first fishing line release mechanism was created and started a new trend ...

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